Road barrier concept introduced at crisis management forum Chiba city

Road barrier concept introduced

In January 2019 our trusted partner Japan Cell was invited to give a lecture on road barrier concepts during a crisis management forum in Chiba city, Japan.  The event was organized to accelerate safety and security policies prospecting the World Cup Rugby Games in 2019 and Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

The forum was organised for crisis managers of local governments, police, fire departments, Self-Defense Forces and private company managers responsible for safety and security.  Almost 800 people visited the event, amongst them Senators, Generals of the Japanese Self Defence Force and the vice governor of Chiba prefecture. They witnessed an impressive demonstration of the PROSpike road barrier concept protecting critical infrastructure or used to secure large events such as the World Cup Rugby Games in 2019 and Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

PROSpike is honored with the opportunity to contribute to the safety of the great Japanese people and all foreign visitors during the upcoming events.