Outstanding safety

Creating a safe distance

The PROSpike police stinger was developed from the idea that the user must be able to deploy the stinger without the risk of getting injured. The PROSpike police stinger is activated by a remote control up to a maximum distance of 100 meters, thus ensuring a safe distance between the operator and the vehicle.

A guranteed safe working environment

The PROSpike Stinger is CE-certified by TüV Netherlands QA. PROSpike Stingers comply with environmental and occupational guidelines. With a weight of only 23 - 24 1/2 kilograms, the PROSpike stinger can be lifted by any user, in and out of a vehicle, without additional lifting tools.

Diversity in usage and employability

PROSpike stingers can be used in various situations and circumstances. The central processor communicates with the remote, but can also be linked to CCTV or ANPR systems. This unique feature also makes PROSpike Stingers extremely suitable for preventive deployment in access roads or locations with strict admission requirements.

The PROSpike 1600 series and concept II

PROCentrum, established in 2004 is the founding father of PROSpike STINGER. As a Dutch law enforcement and military training corporation PROCentrum thrives on designing, developing, and deploying solutions, from the classroom to the field. The PROSpike STINGER is a new and innovative vehicle-stop system that outperforms other vehicle arresting systems on the market thanks to its unmatched efficiency and end-user safety measures. PROSpike STINGER hardware and software allows for remote, delayed, and repetitive activation, ensuring the safety of police officers, military personnel, and/or private security agents operating the PROSpike STINGER individually or in unison with multiple PROSpike STINGER units. The versatility of the PROSpike STINGER allows it to not only halt vehicles involved in dangerous high speed chase events, but be used for traffic control involving border checkpoints, roadblocks, security perimeters, or in other austere environments where unauthorized vehicle entry is prohibited.

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Smart technologies

The heart of the PROSpike police stinger is represented by the Central Processor Unit (CPU) and an intelligent battery. The remote control communicates directly with the CPU and continuously provides the user with system status information: battery capacity, pressure and possible disturbances are directly displayed on the LCD screen of the remote control. In addition, information on the LCD screen tells the user when the remote control is positioned out of range of the CPU. The service interval is monitored software-wise and displayed on the remote control's LCD screen.

Reliable and low on maintenance

The PROSpike Stinger is frequently subjected to field tests, duration tests and drop tests. Based on these tests, a software based maintenance schedule was submitted. The remote control automatically warns the user when maintenance is required. On a daily basis the PROSpike needs little maintenance: it suffices to remove mud and sand after use and slightly lubricate the moving parts with oil or silicone spray. The warranty on PROSpike police stingers is 24 months provided that regular maintenance is performed.

Controlled deflation of car tires

Depending on your choice, the PROSpike Stinger has 96 triangular spikes or 125 stainless stell hollow spikes attached to aluminium scissors with a rubber cup. When a vehicle drives over the scissors, the nails pierce one or more tires and thus they are pulled out of their rubber cups. The nails perforate the tires so that they are deflated. Dependent on the type of vehicle and the vehicle speed, the tires are - in most cases - completely empty within 200 metres. The nails can be easily replaced by the user. The PROSpike Stinger comes standard with 10 extra nails and corresponding rubber sleeves. Naturally, the nails and rubber sleeves are orderable.