First ‘Hornet stinger pin’ awarded for positive deployment

Another scoop for the London Metropolitan Police! After being the first police department to introduce PROSpike stingers, MET Police now holds the record of being the first to actually and successfully deploy the PROSpike.

Certificate and Hornet stinger pin awarded

Earlier this year, London PC’s attempted to catch two suspects on a scooter, who were responsible for a spate of snatches in the Camden/Islington area. Using local knowledge, a female PC  was able to plot-up where she thought the suspects would make-off ater the snatches; and soon after the suspects headed towards the team. Within less than a minute the PC was able to retrieve the unit from the surveillance car and prepare and set up the PROSpike and the scooter rode over it.

For the positive deployment, PROSpike awarded a certifcate and the unique Hornet stinger pin to the PC responsible for the deployment.

A few weeks after the first deployment another London PC successfully deployed a PROspike stinger resulting in the arrest of two criminals.

“…PROSpike units significally increases the safety of officers”

A spokesman from the London Metropolitan Police states: “The MET is using the PROSpike to help combat scooter crime. The PROSpike units significally increases the safety of officers using tyre deflation tactics as it is activated by remote control, at distances of up to 100 meters. The spikes can be deployed and retracted very quickly.”

PROSpike awards the Hornet stinger pin to each individual police officer who succussfully deployes the PROSpike during an operation. The pins are not for sale nor can they be purchased for commercial use. It’s a token of appreciation for the individual police officer and the work he or she is doing for the community.

If your department wants to learn more about the PROSpike or if you are interested in a non-committal demonstration, please contact our office or your local distributor