Dutch police choose PROSpike Stinger

After a series of extensive tests, the PROSpike Stinger was selected by the Dutch police in order to fight (serious) crime. Soon, several intervention vehicles will be equipped with a PROSpike Stinger. Thus providing police officers an efficient but above all a safe instrument to stop fleeing suspects. The team […]

Berlin police choose PROSpike Stingers

Following the example of several German states, the Berlin police recently opted for PROSpike Stingers. In the coming weeks, the PROSpike Stinger will be intensively tested for reliability and durability. Of course we support the Berlin police in this and we are looking forward to the first evaluations.

First shipment arrived in USA

Last week our first shipment of PROSpike Stingers arrived in the United States. After the goods cleared through customs they were checked and immediately passed on to the clients where they will undergo a series of intensive tests. See how PROSpike Stingers prepared this shipment.

Milipol 2021

Team PROSpike would like to say ‘thank you’ for all the compliments we received on the introduction of our Concept II. Your comments and thumbs up once again convinced us that PROSpike Stingers add value to officers safety! During the Milipol exhibition we received guests from no less than 33 […]


Police officer states: PROSpike is a ‘cracking bit of kit’

When police officers from one of the world’s leading police departments refer to the PROSpike Stinger as ‘a cracking bit of kit’ we consider this the highest praise possible. PROSpike Stingers have been deployed successfully on several occasions during “Operation Venice”. Officers from Operation Venice, which tackles moped-enabled crime, are […]

PROSpike spike bed now even more effictive

Since the introduction of PROSpike police stingers at the prestigious DSEI exhibition in 2015, the spectrum of violence within our society has changed dramatically. Within PROSpike we are therefore happy to have access to the expertise of our parent company PROCentrum. These specialists continuously monitor international developments in the field […]

First ‘Hornet stinger pin’ awarded for positive deployment

Another scoop for the London Metropolitan Police! After being the first police department to introduce PROSpike stingers, MET Police now holds the record of being the first to actually and successfully deploy the PROSpike. Certificate and Hornet stinger pin awarded Earlier this year, London PC’s attempted to catch two suspects […]

Politie in Londen bindt met PROSpike de strijd aan tegen overvallers

London MET Police adopts PROSpike to tackle moped thieves

Faced with an upsurge in crime by gangs using stolen mopeds, police in London have revealed the latest weapons in their arsenal. The Metropolitan Police in London have introduced the remote-controlled PROSpike which bursts the tires of mopeds, often used by gangs to commit crime. PROSpike Remote-Controlled Spike Device In […]