London MET Police adopts PROSpike to tackle moped thieves

Faced with an upsurge in crime by gangs using stolen mopeds, police in London have revealed the latest weapons in their arsenal.

The Metropolitan Police in London have introduced the remote-controlled PROSpike which bursts the tires of mopeds, often used by gangs to commit crime.

PROSpike Remote-Controlled Spike Device

In a press conference the Metropolitan Police showed a ProSpike device, a belt of spikes which can be deployed remotely, puncturing the tires of a suspect’s scooter.

Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, said there was considerable “outrage” in communities about this sort of incident and they were doing everything in their power to tackle moped-enabled crime.

The PROSpike police stinger is a new and innovative vehicle-stop system that distinguishes itself from other police stingers with an unmatched efficiency and safety for the end users. While developing the PROSpike it was our mission to create a deployabe stinger without risk for the operator. All PROSpike models have been tested and approved by the TÜV.

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